How to Live Stream to Multiple Platforms

Live streaming just got easier! Instead of having to stream from one platform at a time, Livepin lets you stream from multiple platforms in real-time. Learn more about how you can get started today.

How to Livestream to Multiple Platforms

Whether you’re an influencer, digital marketer, entrepreneur, or a plumber, there are no bad reasons to stream live online. Learning how to stream on multiple platforms allows you to save time and multiply your audience across different areas.

If you think you have a sizable reach on Facebook or Youtube, imagine how many people you could reach if you streamed on Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter/Periscope etc. at the same time. We have the ability to take advantage of having such a broad audience, and with multi-platform streaming, we can reach more people in much less time.

Here’s how we do it.

How to Stream on Youtube

Before we explain how to stream to multiple sites, let’s break down the whole live streaming process for those who don’t know. To livestream on Youtube, you first create a channel and head to the homepage. Here, you’ll want to check out “creator studio tools” and then click on “live streaming”. 

On this page, you’ll get the really basic stuff, and you can click stream now to get started right away. If you have a webcam built into your computer, it’ll ask for your permission. If you’re using external devices, you’ll have to set up an encoder for your live streaming. 

This software allows the external devices to stream and sends that footage straight to Youtube Live. There’s a list of recommendations directly on Youtube for encoding software to use. Other than that, you’re good to go.

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How to Stream on Facebook Live

Streaming live on Facebook is almost as simple as getting onto Facebook. You’ll want to go onto Facebook as if you were posting a status or a photo. Instead of doing that, you’ll click the “go live” button. When you do this, you’ll have a chance to write a compelling headline which you want to do to draw attention. 

One cool thing about Facebook Live is that it automatically posts your live video to your story while you’re active, so people tend to see live content first on Facebook, which increases the reach and chances of the right audience seeing you. That’s about it for Facebook Live though. Straightforward stuff, right?

How to Stream on Twitter

Live streaming on Twitter is powered by Periscope. To live stream on Twitter, you’ll want to swipe left on the timeline or tap the photo icon. Once you do that you’ll see a live mode button pop up so click that. 

You have the choice to go live with audio only if you want to choose it on this page. Otherwise, continue forward and fill out a description. You want to make your description as interesting as possible to make people want to check out your live stream. Once you’ve got the description done, you can click “go live.” 

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How to Stream on Multiple Platforms 

Now, if you’re someone who is big on reach and you’re trying to get the word out to a lot of people across multiple platforms, streaming can be a lot of work. If you want to reach people on all these platforms, you’ll have to do the live stream over each time unless you record it, but then it’s not a live stream anymore. The best way to reach the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time is by learning how to stream to multiple sites at the same time is a great way to amplify your audience without exhausting your resources. If you’re not already doing this, imagine having to do three different one hour live streams on three different platforms. That’s a lot of work, right? It would be a lot easier to do the live stream once, let your audience know that you are live across all these platforms, and get on with it.

Think about this, as well. Think of all the social proof you’ll have when people see your live streams blowing up with people across all the different platforms. If you’re big on Facebook Live but not so much on Twitter, you can quickly increase your reach on Twitter with a fully packed live stream over on Facebook. Social proof means a lot when you are promoting yourself online. 

With you’re able to broadcast a single live video stream to all your channels and even websites. You won’t have to manage multiple accounts or dashboards because Livepin allows you to do it all from one place. 

When you sign up, you’ll not only be able to stream to multiple sites, but you’ll also get access to content syndication, multi-party and guest hosting, embedded players, custom branding, analytics, and more

Final Thoughts

We’re so lucky that we have such incredible technology that allows us to stream across multiple platforms at the same time. We live in an age where people are working smarter and not harder. Why waste time doing numerous streams when you can do it all at once? No matter what your reason is for live streaming your content online, you need to maximize your reach while minimizing the amount of work you put in. It’s time to jump aboard and get to work. 

Contact us today and get access to all the great features and amenities so you can make more out of your day. 

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